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Over the past century, democracy spread around the world in turbulent bursts of change, sweeping across national borders in dramatic cascades of revolution and reform. Aftershocks offers a new global-

ISBN10 : 1400885329 , ISBN13 : 9781400885329

Page Number : 304

Empire Of Cotton

"The epic story of the rise and fall of the empire of cotton, its centrality in the world economy, and its making and remaking of global capitalism. Sven Beckert's rich, fascinating book tells the sto

ISBN10 : 0375713964 , ISBN13 : 9780375713965

Page Number : 640

The Future Of The Euro

"An attempt by political economists to analyze the fundamental causes of the euro crisis, determine how it can be fixed, and consider what likely futures lie ahead for the currency. The book makes thr

ISBN10 : 0190233249 , ISBN13 : 9780190233242

Page Number : 339

Restless Empire

As the twenty-first century dawns, China stands at a crossroads. The largest and most populous country on earth and currently the world's second biggest economy, China has recently reclaimed its histo

ISBN10 : 0465029361 , ISBN13 : 9780465029365

Page Number : 544

Ruling Ideas

Neoliberal economic theories are powerful because their domestic translators make them go local, hybridizing global scripts with local ideas. This does not mean that all local translations shape polic

ISBN10 : 0190620102 , ISBN13 : 9780190620103

Page Number : 336