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Guitar Chords

Featuring 360 chords, organised as a chord per page, this is a flexible, comprehensive solution for anyone learning or playing the guitar at any level. This no-nonsense, easy to carry, wiro book will

ISBN10 : 9781844513925 , ISBN13 : 1844513920

Page Number : 384

Ukulele Chords

180 chords, arranged by key, this is a flexible, comprehensive solution for learners of all ages. A no-nonsense, easy to carry, wiro book that will fit into a gig bag, flight case or hand bag. Organis

ISBN10 : 9781783613168 , ISBN13 : 1783613165

Page Number : 384

Advanced Guitar Chords

Suitable for those able to take the next step after 'Guitar Chords', this book provides 360 chords shown as chord boxes, covering chords that are played further up the neck and in 3rd position, along

ISBN10 : 9781847869494 , ISBN13 : 1847869491

Page Number : 384

Advanced Piano Chords

The perfect companion to Piano & Keyboard Chords, Advanced Piano Chords is a handy resource for those who feel they are ready to take the next step. The simple and clean layout provides 15 chords per

ISBN10 : 9780857753755 , ISBN13 : 0857753754

Page Number : 384

Play Flamenco

Originating from Andalusia in Spain, Flamenco music embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition. Now teach yourself the elements of this passionate and beautiful music on guitar with this practi

ISBN10 : 9781844518630 , ISBN13 : 1844518639

Page Number : 384