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A tale by the creator of SurvivalBlog.com imagines a world in which a cataclysmic financial crisis prompts a total collapse of American society and forces people to fend for themselves, in a story tha

ISBN10 : 156975599X , ISBN13 : 9781569755990

Page Number : 400


Follows a group of people struggling in the face of a full-scale socioeconomic collapse in America that has caused the breakdown of all technology and supply chains while unleashing riots and predator

ISBN10 : 1439172811 , ISBN13 : 9781439172810

Page Number : 468


In a near-future postapocalyptic world, a full-scale socioeconomic breakdown has eliminated all legal and technological infrastructure and subjected the world's survivors to constant violence and chao

ISBN10 : 1439172838 , ISBN13 : 9781439172834

Page Number : 388


A survivalist thriller follows the efforts of two American expat families to survive in the midst of a global economic collapse marked by the powerful rise of a radicalized Islamic government.

ISBN10 : 0525953906 , ISBN13 : 9780525953906

Page Number : 303


Settlers on the planet Greenwood must set aside their differences in order to preserve their way of life as they struggle against politicians and corporations who see their world only in terms of prof

ISBN10 : 9780312862459 , ISBN13 : 0312862458

Page Number : 300


Hiding out on a cattle ranch in a remote part of Western Canada after the collapse, Afghanistan War veteran Ray McGregor and his friend, Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence case officer Ph

ISBN10 : 0525953914 , ISBN13 : 9780525953913

Page Number : 394