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Platinum End

As Mirai and Saki try to regroup after the tragedy at the baseball stadium, a new god candidate appears before them. Is he friend or foe...? Meanwhile, Metropoliman continues to hunt down the other ca

ISBN10 : 1421597489 , ISBN13 : 9781421597485

Page Number : 207

Platinum End

Mirai and 12 other chosen humans have been pitted against each other in a battle to become the next god of the world. Mirai has an angel in his corner, but so do his competitors, including a ruthless

ISBN10 : 1421595362 , ISBN13 : 9781421595368

Page Number : 207

Platinum End

Mirai and Metropoliman face off against each other for the first time in the skies of Tokyo. But with his vow to never kill, how can Mirai hope to compete against such a ruthless opponent? And can Sak

ISBN10 : 1974700143 , ISBN13 : 9781974700141

Page Number : 191

Death Note Vol 1

Light tests the boundaries of the Death Note's powers as L and the police begin to close in. Luckily Light's father is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency and leaves vital information abou

ISBN10 : 1421543656 , ISBN13 : 9781421543659

Page Number : 195

Bakuman? Vol 20

For ten years, two young men have worked as hard as they possibly could to make their manga dreams come true. Now, as they sit atop the manga world, can the promise made long ago finally be fulfilled?

ISBN10 : 1421568063 , ISBN13 : 9781421568065

Page Number : 171

Bakuman? Vol 17

As the veteran manga artists start taking over Weekly Shonen Jump, the younger artists feel the pressure. But what is behind this sudden surge of older artists making a comeback in the magazine? And w

ISBN10 : 1421557703 , ISBN13 : 9781421557700

Page Number : 189

Death Note Vol 2

Light thinks he's put an end to his troubles with the FBI--by using the Death Note to kill off the FBI agents working the case in Japan! But one of the agents has a fiancée who used to work in the Bu

ISBN10 : 1421543664 , ISBN13 : 9781421543666

Page Number : 197

Bakuman? Vol 3

After losing to manga genius Eiji Nizuma, Moritaka and Akito make it their mission to beat this rival--even going so far as to ignore their editor's wishes! But will this decision ultimately help or h

ISBN10 : 1421547317 , ISBN13 : 9781421547312

Page Number : 188

Death Note Vol 8

Light--working as Kira, the newest member of the NPA intelligence bureau, and L--has nearly succeeded in creating his ideal world. But the years of uncontested victory have made him complacent, and he

ISBN10 : 1421544938 , ISBN13 : 9781421544939

Page Number : 201