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Pre Suasion

“Best Business Books of 2016” —Financial Times Inc.com’s Geoffrey James Names Pre-Suasion Best Sales and Marketing Book of 2016 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER The aut

ISBN10 : 1501109812 , ISBN13 : 9781501109812

Page Number : 432

Pre Suasion

Examines the art of effective persuasion to argue that its secret lies in a key moment before messages are delivered, sharing strategies for how to psychologically prepare one's listeners to render th

ISBN10 : 1501109790 , ISBN13 : 9781501109799

Page Number : 432

Pre Suasion

When it comes to persuasion, success can begin before you say a word. In his global bestseller Influence, Professor Robert Cialdini transformed the way we think about the craft of persuasion. Now he o

ISBN10 : 1473519349 , ISBN13 : 9781473519343

Page Number : 432


Most of us are only too aware that, whatever roles we have in today's fast-moving world, much of our success lies in getting others to say 'Yes' to our requests. What many people might not be aware of

ISBN10 : 1847651321 , ISBN13 : 9781847651327

Page Number : 314

The Small Big

At some point today you will have to influence or persuade someone - your boss, a co-worker, a customer, client, spouse, your kids, or even your friends. What is the smallest change you can make to yo

ISBN10 : 1455584231 , ISBN13 : 9781455584239

Page Number : 256

Invisible Influence

Jonah Berger, the bestselling author of Contagious, explores the subtle, secret influences that affect the decisions we make—from what we buy, to the careers we choose, to what we eat—in his lates

ISBN10 : 1476759731 , ISBN13 : 9781476759739

Page Number : 272

Summary Pre Suasion

Pre-suasion by Robert B. Cialdini - Book Summary - (With Bonus) Get the kindle version for Free when you purchase the paperback version Today! Are you struggling to make sales? Are you failing at your

ISBN10 : 9781542708845 , ISBN13 : 1542708842

Page Number : 44