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Rx For Worry

Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear...Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? -Matthew 6:25, 27. Jesus gives us a clear c

ISBN10 : 159979926X , ISBN13 : 9781599799261

Page Number : 176


When a relinquished life becomes faithful to the promises of God, the result is His joy, His peace, and His charity. Dr. James Gills recounts his own period of rest and complacency-brought on by a tim

ISBN10 : 1599798832 , ISBN13 : 9781599798837

Page Number : 256


Who really understands love? We can't see love or grab hold of it. We often don't know how to accept love, and we're most afraid of expressing it to others. In this book, Dr. James P. Gills, husband a

ISBN10 : 1599792354 , ISBN13 : 9781599792354

Page Number : 132

Younger Next Week

The Fast, Fun, Delicious Way to Fight Aging A radiant appearance. Boundless energy. Effortless weight management. Supercharged health and well-being. Forget facelifts and fancy wrinkle creams—the fo

ISBN10 : 1460323866 , ISBN13 : 9781460323861

Page Number : 304

Tender Journey

Follow the life of Michael Nastasis and his family. Michael faces challenges not only in his marriage but also with a son suffering from an incurable disease and a daughter who is rebelling against th

ISBN10 : 1599795094 , ISBN13 : 9781599795096

Page Number : 578

The Sleep Rx

Describes common sleep disorders, including six types of insomnia, and offers suggestions for overcoming sleep problems with simple remedies and techniques, including guided imagery, biofeedback, and

ISBN10 : 9780131439184 , ISBN13 : 0131439189

Page Number : 342

Reasonable Rx

A Real Plan for Making Drugs Affordable–and Promoting Innovation, Too “This book is a necessity for understanding the pharmaceutical industry. Both the pluses and minuses of the present system are

ISBN10 : 9780132703994 , ISBN13 : 0132703998

Page Number : 208

Good Rx V

A wonderful look at the stories of a family trying to make it in the United States. It chronicles a Dominican man who immigrates to America during the post-World War II era, and subsequently shares mo

ISBN10 : 1468537032 , ISBN13 : 9781468537031

Page Number : 224