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Mary And The Saints

This booklet gives a short outline of the origins of the devotions to Mary and the saints, the way in which saints are proclaimed today, and the place apparitions of Mary have in the context of the Ch

ISBN10 : 082943030X , ISBN13 : 9780829430301

Page Number : 94

Saint Monica

The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her wayward son - the great St. Augustine - as well as her pagan husband and her mother-in-law

ISBN10 : 1618904558 , ISBN13 : 9781618904553

Page Number : 103

Saint Dominic

The incredible story for children 10 and up of the man who received the Rosary from Our Lady, defeated the Albigensian Heresy, raised the dead, triumphed over the devil, founded the Dominican Order an

ISBN10 : 1618904639 , ISBN13 : 9781618904638

Page Number : 156

Saint Ignatius Loyola

A short, popular biography of the ardent Spanish soldier who, while recuperating from a battle wound, was converted to the service of Christ by reading a Catholic book. He initially did great penance,

ISBN10 : 161890471X , ISBN13 : 9781618904713

Page Number : 94